A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

A visual novel centered around the concept of “shipping” in the My Little Pony fandom. SFW-ish parody, it ranges from PG to M, depending on the rating agency. Nothing pornographic outside of sexual references and silly jokes.

Includes a lot of ponies. And shipping. And shipping ponies. 

A game for the whole family!

(If no family member is too young)

A trip back to the past!

Remember when Twilight had no wings? When the CMC were solely trying to get their cutie mark? When Discord was a one-time villain like all others? Well I haven’t updated four vectors, so it’s officially set in that era.

20% more endings!

…Compared to the demo. Will you be enough of a completionist to see all of the 87 images of the gallery?

Includes Engrish version!

Beware, tiny grass is dreaming.

Install instructions

Step 1 - unzip it

Step 2 - Windows? Run the .exe otherwise, run the .sh


SESC-v1.00-linux.tar.bz2 95 MB
SESC-v1.00-mac.zip 90 MB
SESC-v1.00-win.zip 91 MB
SESC-v1.00-all.zip 107 MB

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